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A New Sheriff for all of fort bend county

safer with Slot

A New Sheriff for all of fort bend county

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Concurrent 15 years as influential business leader



Devoted husband, father, & Grandfather

My roots run deep in Fort Bend County.

My family has lived and worked here since the 1950s, with a family legacy of service in Fort Bend County law enforcement.

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My roots run deep in Fort Bend County. My family has lived and worked here since the 1950s, with a family legacy of service in Fort Bend County law enforcement.  I am a 42-year Fort Bend County resident, who graduated from Clements High School in 1989 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2005.  My wife and I live in Richmond, TX, where we raised our three children and are now helping to raise our grandchildren.  We have both been involved with a variety of local organizations serving the Fort Bend County community and have been faithful attendees and servants in our local church.

During my three-decade law enforcement career, I have served with the following agencies: Alvin PD (1992-1994), Houston PD (1994-1997), Sugar Land PD (1997-2008), Fort Bend County Precinct #4 Constable’s Office (volunteer Reserve Deputy Constable, 2009-2013), and Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office (volunteer Reserve Deputy Sheriff, 2013-2023).  While also serving as a volunteer reserve deputy, I have been employed on a full-time basis as an influential security leader in the corporate security organization of a Fortune 100 international energy corporation.  Throughout my law enforcement career, I have held various positions and leadership roles in patrol, traffic enforcement, SWAT, and criminal investigations.  These experiences have allowed me to lead and supervise successful criminal investigations, playing a key role in several significant high-profile cases.  Recognized for outstanding performance, I have received awards including “Officer” and “City Employee of the Year” for the Sugar Land Police Department.  My combined expertise in law enforcement and business will bring professional, thoughtful, and humble leadership to your Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

It is now time for me to return full-time to my true calling – law enforcement – by earning your vote to serve as the Sheriff of your Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.  Together, in partnership with the professionals who daily wear the badge of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, we will make Fort Bend County the safest large county in the great State of Texas!

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The Issues

Marshall's Vision for improvement


Enhancing the partnership and communication between the community and Sheriff’s Office


Strengthening relationships with other law enforcement agencies in Fort Bend County


Improving the transparency and accountability of the Sheriff’s Office’s performance


Creating an outstanding work environment for the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office


Increase proactive patrol and enforcement efforts to reduce more significant criminal activities


Address staffing shortages with innovative strategies, not mandatory overtime.


What They say about slot

“In my 4 decades as a prosecutor, I have worked with many detectives, with a few having been exceptional. Marshall Slot is one of the exceptional detectives. His tenacity in pursuing the case, along his intelligence in handling and acquiring evidence, as well as his skill in managing multiple law enforcement agencies during investigations, makes Marshall a superlative candidate for sheriff. If, God forbid, something were to happen to me or my family, Marshall is one of a select few detectives that I would want handling the matter. He has earned your trust and deserves your vote for sheriff.”
Fred Felcman
First Assistant District Attorney (Retired), Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office.
Douglas McArthur once said, “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent." I feel this is an excellent representation of Marshall Slot. I have known Marshall personally and professionally for approximately 24 years. Not only have I worked with him in a law enforcement capacity for many years but also for several years in a corporate environment. He possesses the qualities that would make him an excellent Sheriff……experience, integrity, honesty, level headedness, excellent communication skills, humility, and accountability, just to name a few. Above all, he is a man of Faith and Family. He is familiar with Fort Bend County and the law enforcement community and would be an excellent Sheriff.
Bruce Marshall
Special Agent, FBI (Retired)
& Chief Investigator, Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office (Retired)
"I have known Marshall Slot both personally and professionally for over 10 years now. He is a Christian family man with impeccable work ethic and integrity. He has worked in every corner of the law enforcement profession investigating major crimes and giving much needed attention to those in need, not because he is a politician (and I assure you he is NOT a politician!), but because that is who he is! Marshall is a proven leader and will work with other law enforcement agencies; federal, State, and local, to accomplish the real goal of making the community a safer place for you and your families. I’m very happy for Marshall having this opportunity, but just as happy for the residents of Fort Bend County with Marshall Slot as your Sheriff!"
Phillip Maxwell
Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal (Retired)
For the most part, I have always publicly stayed out of politics, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Although we have had some awesome Sheriffs in the past, Marshall Slot could go down in history as being one of the finest and most competent sheriffs Fort Bend County ever had. He has all of those qualities. While I was with the Sugar Land Police Department I had the honor and pleasure of having many excellent men and women working for me and Marshall Slot was one of the finest. One could go on and on about his character, integrity, abilities and accomplishments, but in short, it would be absolutely impossible for Fort Bend County to elect a finer Sheriff. Marshall was born and raised in Fort Bend County, married, raised his family in Fort Bend County and for many years has worked publicly and privately to make Fort Bend County a safer and better place to live. It’s time we all quit blindly voting along party lines and select the absolute best person for the job and Marshall Slot is without a doubt the one to support for Fort Bend County Sheriff.
Earnest Taylor
Sugar Land Chief of Police (Retired)
My former pastor said, “It’s more important to know who your local Sheriff is than who is the President of the United States.” He said this because what the President does has little to no direct effect on your daily life. A Sheriff on the other hand affects your life in the area you live, work, shop and play. They directly affect your sense of security, peace and livelihood. History has told us over and over that a Bad Sheriff can cause chaos and misery, while a good Sheriff can positively affect community morale, safety and prosperity. Having known Marshall Slot for many years, I can testify to his character as a husband, father, friend and officer. I learned what good policing looks like by watching him interact with people in all sorts of situations. Instead of arrogance and bullying, I witnessed empathy and compassion while maintaining his and others safety and security. In other words, he treats others as people and not objects or obstacles. His ability to plan, train and implement safety and security resources for private and public situations is top notch. Everyone I know who was trained by him says the same thing. “I learned how to do my job well because he trained me.” I cannot think of another person in Fort Bend County or anywhere in the world that I would want to have as Sheriff of my hometown. So yes, I say it loudly. Vote for Marshall Slot for Fort Bend County Sheriff.
Danny Schochler
Business Owner/Operator and Fort Bend County Citizen

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